4. Lion’s Head & Signal Hill

Climbing Lion’s Head is also a fun activity to do with friends. There are a few paths, some lead to the top of Lion’s Head, other paths curl around the mountain affording you views along the coastline, over the peninsula and city. The scramble to the top is daunting for those sensitive to heights but it is well worth the push! Lion’s Head can be crowded on full moon nights and when the weather is good because those are the pristine nights on climbing up. Take a bottle of wine and a treat to spoil yourself once you’re on top. The picture below depicts the view which can be seen from the top. With the city lights gleaming below a usual buzzing moon, the contrast between the two forms of light is something not to be missed.


Having a picnic on Signal Hill  is also a popular activity. A bendy car-ride up, most people drive right to the end and view the city from there. Instead of driving right to the end, take a sneaky little left turn into a parking-lot right before the end. Climb down a little bit and enjoy the view of Lion’s Head  and of Sea Point, Robben Island, and the sun setting.  Originally, the Signal Hill cannon notified the public when a ship was in trouble. This old Capetonian tradition still takes place every day on Signal Hill, just below the mountaintop.  At 12h00 exactly, the Noon Gun is fired – an opportunity for people to set their watches. At St Cyprian’s School in Gardens (my highschool) the Girls in Blue all stop once the noon-gun has been heard, in order to recite the Prayer for Africa.


God Bless Africa; Guard her children; Guide her leaders, And give her peace, for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen


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